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Guaranteed Rental Income! We have never missed a rental payment in 15 years. We carefully select properties and renters and we do have the benefit of rental diversification, so our strongest properties under management help the weaker ones. However, you the owner, don't have to worry, we make sure your rent gets paid and your property is looked after. We send you weekly reports and images in and out of your property. You are welcome to accompany us during our property inpsections.

“Neat keepers“ usually semi retired cleaners with Our neatkeepers are often semi-retired cleaners with years of experience and can coach the renters, provide feedback, and an ubiased report. With GRINCO, you can now really be an armchair landlord with the information you need to feel secure.

University House
  • 1.5 years never missed rent
  • Neatkeeper scores over 80%
  • We increased the rental income 26%
  • Turnover rate in year 2 is 10%
Tuxedo House
  • 15 years never missed a rent
  • 0 showings in 15 years
  • Automatic rent increases
  • Weekly inspections to the homeowner
We assign chores

This along with our neatkeepers makes sure they get done!

We share info with owners

We share reports and images of property in a timely manner so you know what is going on with your property.

Our renters prepay a rent deposit in advance

So we are always ahead!

We assign chores

This along with our neatkeepers makes sure they get done!

Renters love it! Imagine living with clean, quiet roommates

Our renters are not locked into a long term rental contact but the average length of stay is 13 months


Tour our houses on Mondays with Neetkeepers.

Come and see our system in action. Proof is in the pudding. Seeing is believing!

Join our new renter program

Learn how to manage a house succesfully!

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